LG Passau

LG Passau Athletics Community of Passau, Germany

With the goal of becoming the strongest athletic club in Lower Bavaria, the Passau Athletic Club merged with the DJK Eintracht Passau and the DJK Passau-West to become the track and “Field Athletics Community Passau” in 1970. Today the club has 2,700 proud members. Since their founding, they’ve won 84 Bavarian championships in middle and long distance running. This is a club not only led by top runners, but that also has joggers and all-around athletes. This mix of professionals and hobbyists makes for a great sports club. We interviewed three of their top members to find out why. Susanne Ölhorn, Marco Bscheidl, and Tobias Schreindl tell us all about the love for their club and their sport.



Susanne Ölhorn
Born: 1991
Running Sport: Long-distance running

Bavarian 10 km Street Champion
Champion Munich Half-marathon (women’s)

Marco Bscheidl
Born: 1980
Running Sport: Long-distance running

Second Place 50km Berlin
WM-Bronze Teamrun 50km in Doha (Qatar)

Champion Munich Marathon
Champion Schweinfurt Half-marathon

Tobias Schreindl
Born: 1988
Running Sport: Long-distance running

Second Place Frankfurt Marathon

Bavarian Cross-country Running Champion
Second Place Bavarian 5k
Champion Munich Half-marathon (men’s)

Champion German Marathon
Bavarian Champion 1k
Süddeutscher Champion 5k

Susanne, tell us how you first got into running:

My parents sent me to running-training when I was a kid. I won my first race shortly after, and that’s what started the fire in my heart for running.

Tobias, what are your goals, in sport as well as in life?

I want to find out how to get faster, always, but above that I want to finish a marathon faster than my trainer Günter Zahn. Other than that, I want to start a family, build a house, and plant a tree. :)

Marco, what’s been your biggest personal accomplishment?

Winning second place in the German 50km+ 2016 run in Berlin, as well as performing well with my friends in the Passau Athletics Community – Together we’re stronger!

Susanne, where is your favorite spot to go running?

Here locally in Deggendorf we have everything you could ever need, flat stretches with mountains in the background, forests, and a stadium!

Marco, what do you like to do when you’re not running?

I go cycling on my road bike a lot. I also enjoy hiking and climbing with my whole family.

Susanne, what does owayo mean to you?

High quality sportswear, custom ordered to your needs.

Tobias, what’s your favorite owayo product and why?

I really like the running singlet (RS 5 Pro), it fits great and I hardly notice that I’m even wearing anything when I’m running in it. It’s great to wear when running a hard competitive race in hot weather.