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EWE Baskets Oldenburg is a basketball club playing in the BBL, the highest club-level competition in Germany. Rickey Paulding has been playing in Oldenburg for nine years. He was part of the team that won the German Championship in 2009 and the German Cup in 2015. Paulding is the Captain and emotional leader of the team.



1954 (Oldenburger TB)
Since 2001 EWE Baskets Oldenburg

BBL (Basketball-Bundesliga) German Basketball League

Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Championship Wins

Beko BBL-Trophy

Champions-Cup Winner

How often do you train, and what are your trainings like?

We usually train twice a day. Our morning practice consists of weights and shooting. In the evening we have our normal training with the team.

Does your team have specific training or pre-game rituals?

We do have a typical training routine, like warm ups, and shooting, etc. Before our games we usually like to shoot a little around an hour before the game. Then we come out again 30 minutes before the game starts and our athletic coach runs the warm up from there.

What motivates you and your team before a big game?

The biggest motivation is to take the win. In the big games we are often seen as the underdogs. That is something that really motivates us, so that we can give the win to our fans.

How do you celebrate after a win?

We go on a lap of honour and thank our fans for their support. Afterwards we go through our fan section and celebrate with them.

What does owayo mean to you?

Owayo has been our equipment supplier for most of the time that I've been in Oldenburg. I always liked the quality of our gear and am impressed that owayo has stood behind and supported the team through the good and hard times.

What do you like/value the most about your jerseys?

They are light, so you don't even feel them a lot throughout the game. This helps you not lose your concentration. I also really like the classic design of our jerseys.