BIKE Junior Team

BIKE Junior Team Cycling

The success story of the junior team begins in 2010 in cooperation with the trade magazine "BIKE". The BIKE Junior Team started with the German Champion and Vice Champion title in the U17 and the U15 European Championship victory. There were further national and international successes and titles in the various age groups of both genders. The Bike Junior Team is working closely with the pros of Team BULLS to promote the young talents that ex-Transalp winner Christoph Listmann and professional trainer Erik Becker had worked to achieve in 2003. The very young team has benefitted greatly from their experience. In addition to know-how and competitive strength, the cooperation offers the most ambitious riders support on their way to becoming an elite athletes. With the slogan "Ride clean!", the team takes a clear stance against doping and helps out with talent promotion.
We interviewed the team captain Pirmin Siegel (age group: U23).





Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
in different age groups:

8th Place at the German Championship 10th Place in Windhaag in a UCI Race

4th Place at the German League Gedern

4th Place at the Juniors Gedern

2nd Place at the Juniors Gedern

6th Place at the Juniors Slalom Hausach

8th Place at the Juniors Slalom

How did you get into cycling and how did the Bike Junior Team develop?

I was first exposed through family bike tours. Later, I joined the MTB group in Weilheim. I competed in my first race at the age of 11.
When I was 12, I was in the Bike Youth Camp in Sankt Englmar, where Gerhard Döhl accepted me into the Bike Junior Team. Since then, I now ride in the BJT.

What are your goals in regards to sports and in general?

Sports: push your limits, compete in the World Cup, start at the Cape Epic in South Africa.
Life: At the moment I want to be successful in my studies and become an industrial engineer.

What do you do when you aren’t cycling?

Finetune my bike or just relax.

How often do you train and what does the training look like?

In winter, we do a lot of endurance building and also hit the weight room. In summer, high intensity race preparation. We train on average 5-6 times per week, which is approximately 13-15 hours a week.

Where do you like cycling the most?

The trails on the Swabian Alb and the region around Stellenbosch in South Africa.

How do you motivate yourself before a race?

I don't need any extra motivation. I train a lot and look forward to the races. It’s a chance to let off some steam.

What does owayo mean to you?

owayo is a great partner. We finally have some winter ready clothing.

What do you like about your jerseys?

They fit well and are very comfortable. We have the right clothes for every kind of weather. We’ve been wearing them for over a year now, and they still look new.