TSV 1860 München

TSV 1860 München Futsal

No money, nowhere to practise and no equipment. That's how the Futsal Lions started almost 3 years ago. Six months of hard training on outdoor courts in all types of weather.
Meanwhile, TSV 1860 Munich plays in the second highest league. In January 2016, the Bavarian futsal pioneer Edin Kulasic founded the futsal division: "Our most important task is to make futsal accessible to all. That's why we offer a variety of services to give everyone access to the sport. We want to put futsal on the map, establish it and develop it further. So we teach coaches, trainers and managers how to create new teams and aid in development". In the summer of 2017, a second team was founded due to the growing player base. With the courage to try out new things, the Futsal Lions have become a source of ideas and a model for many teams.



2016 in Munich, Germany


Sporting achievements

Sporting achievements
Promotion to the Regional League South 2018

3rd Place in the Bavarian League 2017/2018

Winner of the 2nd 1860 X-Mas Cup 2017

Participation in the Mitropa Cup

3rd Place in the Bavarian League 2016/17

Winner of the First 1860 X-Mas Cup 2016

How often do you train and how do you train?

Once a week, we practice technique and strategy, we try to play as many games as possible.

Does your team have any rituals?

We don't have any team rituals.

How do you motivate yourself before the game?

The coach used to give us a motivational talk. Now every player has their own ritual before the game.

How do you celebrate a victory?

After a victory, we cheer with the fans, afterwards there’s an informal party in the locker room.

What does owayo mean to you?

owayo means family to us. A reliable partner who knows exactly how to meet our needs.

What do you like about your jerseys?

They represent our culture, philosophy and values. They are also comfortable to wear and help us feel comfortable on the court.

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